Senior Software Engineer - Applications Team
(London ( Kings Langley)/ Leeds- UK)

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Blaize is at the forefront of next-generation computing, harnessing the power of AI to enable quantum leaps in the value technology provides to improve the way we all work and live.


Blaize offers transformative edge computing solutions for AI data collection and processing at the network's edge, with a focus on smart vision applications such as automobility, retail, security, industrial, and metro.


Blaize is backed by strategic and venture investors such as DENSO, Daimler, SPARX Group, Magna, Samsung Catalyst Fund, Temasek, GGV Capital, Wavemaker, and SGInnovate. Blaize is headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California, and has offices in Campbell, California, and Cary, North Carolina, as well as subsidiaries in Hyderabad, India, and Manila, Philippines.

Job Description

Senior Software Engineer - Applications Team
(London ( Kings Langley)/ Leeds- UK)

    • Experience: 10 years of experience
      Engineering Team: 20
    • Head of Engineering – EMEA Saeid Azmoodeh
    • Position overview:


    Blaize is seeking highly experienced Software Engineers to join their Applications Team. This is an opportunity to work at the cutting edge of technology and influence the future of computing. Working in a team of highly experienced software engineers and data scientists, you will create real-world examples to demonstrate the power and dexterity of Blaize technology. You will have the opportunity to bring up, modify, and optimise neural networks along with creating the surrounding ecosystem to form real-world use scenarios. This is a hugely challenging but rewarding role, with varied tasks from the lowest machine level to the highest script level. We seek highly experienced and skilled engineers for this role.


    Key Responsibilities:

    • - Designing and creating applications to specification.
    • - Productizing high performance AI networks into real world applications and         larger software stacks.

    - As a ISO9001 company, you must be able to follow company policy, process,

       procedure, and guidelines.


Tech stack

  • - Programming Languages: C, C++, Python
  • - GPU language: CUDA, OpenCL C/C++
  • - ML frameworks: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe2, ONNX, OpenVX
  • - GPU language: CUDA, OpenCL C/C++
  •    Cloud: AWS/ AZURE

Skills Required

  • - Will have BS or higher computer science degree (or other
  •     relevant degree).

- Will have 10 years’ experience in embedded software 

   development including C/C++, Python and Assembly.


  • - Will have solid knowledge and experience of Linux.
  • - Will have an unwavering attention to detail, be highly driven
  •    and have an ability to integrate with multi-cultural international
  •    teams.
  • - Will be highly skilled in troubleshooting and debugging complex
  •    multi-dimensional problems.
  • - Will have practical knowledge of software development
  •    processes (Waterfall, Agile).
  • - Will have experience using common tools such as Git, GitHub,
  •    Jira etc.
  • - Will have some knowledge of:

       o GPU language: CUDA, OpenCL C/C++

       o ML frameworks: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe2, ONNX, OpenVX

       o Task and Data Parallel / concurrent systems

       o Micro Architecture, Cache optimization, Hardware multi-                   threading

       o AI network optimizations: quantization, compression,                         pruning etc


These roles are based in preferably Leeds city centre or Kings Langley, both locations have excellent transport facilities. You will be joining a team of 4 and working in a relaxed informal engineering environment. There can be an opportunity to travel to their other offices worldwide.


    • This renowned company has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, and Asia. The company has employees worldwide and has been in operation since 2010. In Series D, a total of $155 million in funding was raised.

    USA: 51

    UK: 46

    Asia: 18

    India: 196


    • Staff Functions

      Engineering / Product / IT / Support: 266

      Operations (HR / Finance): 25

      Sales / Marketing: 20



Saeid Azmoodeh
Head of Engineering - UK

  • - Over 35 years’  Engineering experience

Tony McGrath
Senior Software Manager - UK

  • - Over 28 years’ Software experience


An interview consists of two steps. As much as they are interviewing you, you are interviewing the company and its representatives.


Relax and approach the situation with a sense of curiosity, asking, "What will you do for my career?" How will my career progress as a result of my collaboration with you and your team? What type of leader are you, and how much experience do you have managing the careers of your team members?

Interview process

There will be three stages to the process:


1) Get to know one another and evaluate if the interviewer and the interviewee are a great fit.


2) Technical questions will be asked, such as how well you can overcome challenges and what your strengths and 

     weaknesses are and also there will be a test.


3) Meet the team


4) Final round will be a questions session.

What to expect

(Insert the duration of the process)



The Blaize culture is excellent, and everyone I work with is fantastic, knowledgeable, collected, and selfless. Each team member helps create a positive work environment, is diligent, works hard, and very collaborative. With employees geographically dispersed throughout the US, UK, and Asia, we all embrace the common goal of working well together and achieving our corporate goals.
Candidate - Leo M.