Senior Cloud & Infrastructure Engineer - Manila, Philippines

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Blaize is at the forefront of next-generation computing, harnessing the power of AI to enable quantum leaps in the value technology provides to improve the way we all work and live.


Blaize offers transformative edge computing solutions for AI data collection and processing at the network's edge, with a focus on smart vision applications such as automobility, retail, security, industrial, and metro.


Blaize is backed by strategic and venture investors such as DENSO, Daimler, SPARX Group, Magna, Samsung Catalyst Fund, Temasek, GGV Capital, Wavemaker, and SGInnovate. Blaize is headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California, and has offices in Campbell, California, and Cary, North Carolina, as well as subsidiaries in Hyderabad, India, and Manila, Philippines.

Job Description

Senior Cloud & Infrastructure Engineer - Manila, Philippines

    • As a Senior Cloud & Infrastructure Engineer working on the Global IT Team, you seamlessly mesh tech know-how with people skills to understand and help them navigate their cloud computing and on-prem infrastructure needs. This will include design, planning, maintenance, support, and everything else. 


      In this key role, you will be instrumental in monitoring performance, tuning, upgrading, and troubleshooting our global systems. You will manage backup & recovery and will be responsible to ensure system availability is maximized. 


      They are seeking an individual with exceptional hands-on technical skills in cloud-based technology, platforms, and applications, you also know how best to customize these systems to their business to help them become more efficient and secure. 

    • Experience: 8-20+ years of experience
      IT Team: 12
    • Head of IT - Jim Hubbard
    • Job responsibilities:
      • - Work with their engineering teams and to identify and implement optimal     
      •    cloud-based and on-prem infrastructure solutions.
      • - Plan, design, develop and document applications and solutions. 
      • - Diagnose hardware, software, and network-related issues. 
      • - Safeguard company resources and proprietary and confidential information. 
      • - Given the critical nature of this role, some nights and/or weekend work may be
      •     required. 
      • - Evaluate new products, features and technologies which improve service
      •    availability and reduce costs, while providing comprehensive analysis and
      •    detailed implementation recommendations. 
      • - Delivery of robust and comprehensive documentation, incorporating best
      •    practices which address disaster recovery, architecture, topology, support
      •    models, maintenance, troubleshooting runbooks, deployment cookbooks,
      •    disaster recovery, technotes, testing, etc. 
      • - Automation - Drive simple and scalable approach to new technology
      •    solutions using automation to enable the organization to easily deploy and
      •    operate new features, capabilities, and functionality. 
      • - Coach and mentor junior team members, providing positive career and
      •    personal growth. 


    • - 8 to 20+ years of solid experience in an IT department 
    •    supporting cloud and on-prem infrastructure. 
    • - Five plus years of hands-on experience in a Cloud Engineer or
    •    related role. 
    • - Certifications as an AWS Solutions Architect, Cloud Security
    •    Certification, and other cloud-related certifications. 
    • - Experience with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Linux/Unix. 
    • - Strong awareness of networking and internet protocols,
    •    including TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, and distributed networks. 
    • - Strong Technical Leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and
    •    communication skills. 
    • - Strong troubleshooting skills with ability to diagnose issues with
    •    hardware and software. 
    • - Experience developing automation and standardization across
    •    a company. 
    • - Experience performing installation and maintenance of
    •    infrastructure technology equipment. 
    • - Knowledge of disaster recovery, technologies, and methods. 
    • - A bias toward action and sense of urgency. 
    • - Driven to maintain a low active ticket count. 
    • - Strong follow up habits. 
    • - Strong customer-oriented communication skills. Able to
    •    communicate clearly in both speaking and writing. 
    • - Embraces a continuous improvement culture where change is
    •    the norm. 
    • - Hands-on experience with ITIL highly desired. 
    • - Proven ability to work independently and with little supervision. 
    • - Team player with a positive and collaborative attitude. 
    • - The ability to stay focused on completing tasks and meeting
    •    goals in a busy work environment. 
    • - Comfortable working in a dynamic start-up company
    •    environment. 
    • - Extraordinary People Skills along with excellent oral, written, and
    •    presentation skills. 
    • - Ability to work independently and the ability to pick up new
    •    technologies. 

Typical Activities

  • - Cloud Expert – Install/configure, perform system maintenance, monitor system
  •    performance, provide technical support and guidance. 
  • - Infrastructure Expert – Install/configure, perform system maintenance, monitor
  •    system performance, provide technical support and guidance. 
  • - Planning – Architecture planning, change management, disaster readiness,
  •    roadmap development and management, capacity planning and designing
  •    future services. 


  • This renowned company has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, and Asia. The company has employees worldwide and has been in operation since 2010. In Series D, a total of $155 million in funding was raised. 

USA: 51

UK: 46

Asia: 18

India: 196

  • Staff Functions

    Engineering / Product / IT / Support: 266

    Operations (HR / Finance): 25

    Sales / Marketing: 20


    Jim Hubbard
    Director of IT - USA

    He is motivated by the desire to turn chaos, ambiguity, and struggle into something more ordered, coherent, and responsive, resulting in increased innovation, predictability, and profit. He strengthens the link between company and the technological services, systems, processes, and people that fuel growth. He can think calmly in the midst of chaos, flex and adapt, and architect the finest solutions to technological problems.


    • - Over 25 years’ IT experience
    • - Quadrupled customer base in 3 years       through the digital transformation of
    •    their former chaotic, paper-based
    •    processes and legacy applications.
    • - Increased web services backend
    •    performance to allow >100x growth in
    •    the business.
    • - Reduced and maintained IT support
    •    ticket count by 90% in 4 weeks.
    • - Improved the on-time delivery of IT
    •    projects from 40% to 89% in one year.

    Satish Sirotha
    Staff Engineer - India

    • - Over 22 years’ IT experience
    • - Successfully Managed Conexant Global
    •    Unix Engineering Infrastructure and
    •    DevOps for 3 Yrs Independently.
      - Unix Engineering Services, BizApp and
    •    Storage move/migration from
    •    Conexant to Synaptics and Conexant
    •    DC collapse.
    • - AA-AWS, RHEC, RHCVA, CCNA Certified
    •    Unix Professional with 15+ years of
    •    extensive experience in Enterprise IT
    •    infrastructure Services & project
    •    management with technical expertise
    •    in implementation,operations & support
    •    functions of mission-critical business
    •    solutions using IT as a tool.
    • - Deploying Infrastructure as Code using
    •    Terraform and CloudFormation tools.
    • - Specialization:-Unix Sys Admin: RHEL is
    •    core with CentOS, Ubuntu, Solaris.

    Yaniv Zaidner
    Sr. Infrastructure Engineer - UK

    To provide amazing services, he is a creative thinker that excels at issue solutions and is constantly focused on root cause analysis and automation.


    • - Over 15 years in infrastructure
    •    experience.
    • - Infrastructure administration, ADFS,
    •    Symantec Backups, Sharepoint, SCCM,
    •    IIS, Automation, Information Security,
    •    Exchange,Esxi, Hyper-v, EMC SAN,
    •    Tapes library.
    • - Managed IT system and infrastructure
    •    of multiple networks on multiple
    •    platforms.
    • - Windows and Vmware infrastructure
    •    development and maintenance,
    •    supported and deployed a variety of
    •    solution for SSO, IIS, backups and others.


    An interview consists of two steps. As much as they are interviewing you, you are interviewing the company and its representatives.


    Relax and approach the situation with a sense of curiosity, asking, "What will you do for my career?" How will my career progress as a result of my collaboration with you and your team? What type of leader are you, and how much experience do you have managing the careers of your team members?

    Interview process

    There will be three stages to the process:


    1) Get to know one another and evaluate if the interviewer and the interviewee are a great fit.


    2) Technical questions will be asked, such as how well you can overcome challenges and what your strengths and     

         weaknesses are.


    3) Get acquainted with the company's infrastructure.

    What to expect

    The process can be completed in 10 days.



    The Blaize culture is excellent, and everyone I work with is fantastic, knowledgeable, collected, and selfless. Each team member helps create a positive work environment, is diligent, works hard, and very collaborative. With employees geographically dispersed throughout the US, UK, and Asia, we all embrace the common goal of working well together and achieving our corporate goals.
    Candidate - Leo M.