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Blaize is at the forefront of next-generation computing, harnessing the power of AI to enable quantum leaps in the value technology provides to improve the way we all work and live.


Blaize offers transformative edge computing solutions for AI data collection and processing at the network's edge, with a focus on smart vision applications such as automobility, retail, security, industrial, and metro.


Blaize is backed by strategic and venture investors such as DENSO, Daimler, SPARX Group, Magna, Samsung Catalyst Fund, Temasek, GGV Capital, Wavemaker, and SGInnovate. Blaize is headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California, and has offices in Campbell, California, and Cary, North Carolina, as well as subsidiaries in Hyderabad, India, and Manila, Philippines.

Job Description


    • On the Blaize AI Studio Team, they don't just model data, they build and help assemble custom datasets, manage production edge and cloud deployments, and identify production issues. They are looking for someone to help them continue their evolution and who can work with small amounts of imperfect data and generate reliable results.


      Their Deep Learning Research Engineer will be working both independently and with a wide range of people at Blaize. They are looking for a set of skills including strong AI/ML experience with practical and use-able software engineering practices and languages (git, docker, Java and/or C++, Python). You should have been involved in at least 1 or more projects reaching production state.

    • Experience: 4 years of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of experience and education.
    • Job responsibilities:


    - Co-Ownership of an entire Deep Learning (DL) project(s).


    - Working with Executive and Product leadership to evolve and define

  •    roadmap.


    - Identifying what kind of data and how much data to generate to get desired

  •    results.


    - Adding to Blaize AI Studio's state-of-the-art (SOTA) toolbox.


    - Using small datasets to generate impressive results.


    - Relentlessly staying on top of the state of the art in computer vision and

  •     related areas.


Education and experience

- Bachlor’s degree in Applied Science/Mathematics or                         Engineering.


- 4 years of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of     experience and education.


- Leadership positions external from AI/ML.


- Awareness of software engineering best practices with

   hands-on experience (Java, C++, Python).


- Cloud (Azure, H2O, AWS, etc) production model management



- Experience with data preparation or end-to-end AI-based

   application building.


- Experience publishing patents or peer-reviewed papers.


- Taken an existing model and increased performance through a     variety of methods such as:

          o pruning

          o quantization

          o finetuning

          o retraining

          o runtime environments


- Worked with PyTorch and/or Tensorflow for development, ONNX

   or C++ for deployment.


- Implemented state of the art papers.


- Deployed a model with aggressive inference speed

  •    requirements.

Tech Stack

      • - Programming Languages: C, C++, Python
      • - GPU language: CUDA, OpenCL C/C++
      • - ML frameworks: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe2, ONNX, OpenVX
      • - GPU language: CUDA, OpenCL C/C++
      •    Cloud: AWS/ AZURE


    • This renowned company has offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, and Asia. The company has employees worldwide and has been in operation since 2010. In Series D, a total of $155 million in funding was raised. 


    USA: 51

    UK: 46

    Asia: 18

    India: 196


    • Staff Functions

      Engineering / Product / IT / Support: 266

      Operations (HR / Finance): 25

      Sales / Marketing: 20



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An interview consists of two steps. As much as they are interviewing you, you are interviewing the company and its representatives.


Relax and approach the situation with a sense of curiosity, asking, "What will you do for my career?" How will my career progress as a result of my collaboration with you and your team? What type of leader are you, and how much experience do you have managing the careers of your team members?

Interview process

There will be three stages to the process:


1) Get to know one another and evaluate if the interviewer and the interviewee are a great fit.


2) Technical questions will be asked, such as how well you can overcome challenges and what your strengths and 

     weaknesses are and also there will be a test.


3) Meet the team


4) Final round will be a questions session.

What to expect

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The Blaize culture is excellent, and everyone I work with is fantastic, knowledgeable, collected, and selfless. Each team member helps create a positive work environment, is diligent, works hard, and very collaborative. With employees geographically dispersed throughout the US, UK, and Asia, we all embrace the common goal of working well together and achieving our corporate goals.
Candidate - Leo M.